Nashville Music Attractions for Visitors Who Don’t Like Country Music

Nashville, Tennessee, long known as “Music City,” has a reputation for being the home of country music. But those who don’t care for country music should take note—this is a city for music lovers of all kinds.

With over 130 music venues throughout Nashville, those who love other types of music are in for a treat, as well. You can choose from rock, soul, hip-hop, jazz, indie, blues and even electronica. Here are just a few of the bars, shops, music venues, and music history hot spots that await music fans of other genres.

Music City Walk of Fame

Similar to Hollywood’s Walk of Fame, this Nashville tradition and tribute to music legends is a great way to get outside and see some Nashville sights. Stroll along the Music Mile and see the commemorative stars of artists like Dolly Parton, Elvis Presley, and Jimi Hendrix.

Music Row

Located on 16th Avenue South and 17th Avenue South, this stretch of road is referred to as “Music Row.” Many Nashville record labels and recording studios are located here, and if you walk down the street at just the right time, you may spy a major recording artist entering or exiting a building.

Historic RCA Studio B

This famed site in music history is were Elvis Presley recorded many of his songs. Chet Atkins and the Everly Brothers also used this as their recording studio. Studio B was constructed in 1957 and remained in use until the day following the 1977 death of Elvis Presley. Today Studio B is used as a classroom for local students learning about recording technology, and as an attraction for visitors to Nashville.

Rock and Indie Venues

Fans of rock or indie music should check out venues like The Basement, The Basement East, Exit/In, and The End. If you prefer to take in the local talent, your first stop should be 3rd & Linley for a cozier setting. For those who want to merge with the mainstream and see larger touring bands perform, The Mercy Lounge is a hub of music excitement.

Guitar Stores

You couldn’t choose a better city for buying a guitar. With incredible shops like Gruhn Guitars, which specializes in vintage instruments and carries guitars made from 1917 onward, any guitar collector will be in musician’s heaven. Corner Music and Rock Block Guitars are smaller shops that are also favored by locals.

There’s a vast array of things to do and see that involve music while steering clear of that country twang. Nashville is an equal-opportunity city for music lovers of all kinds.